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About Edge of Cinema:

We help developing brands create next-level video marketing campaigns so they can excel in the online marketplace.

About Edge of Cinema: Jeremy Schmidt and Matt Scura founded Edge of Cinema in 2009 as a cinematic video production studio. After graduating from film school at Full Sail University, Matt and Jeremy began working on corporate videos for local businesses to fill out their portfolio. In a few years after their launch edge of cinema became preferred vendors with Comcast spotlight and started creating commercials for television and digital streaming networks.

Matt and Jeremy got their start working with well know Philadelphia wedding videographers at age 16.  In addition to corporate films, Edge of Cinema also produces wedding films in the greater Philadelphia area.

Part of the mission at Edge of Cinema is to serve missions organizations who are making a difference around the world. Matt and Jeremy travel the globe to produce fundraising videos for missionaries and non-profits who are helping children and communities in poverty.

Founded on PASSION

DESIGNED to engage

Established 2009

  • Owner Operated
  • Comcast: preferred Vendor
  • Results-Driven Content
  • Collaborative Workflow
  • Licensed Drone Operators
  • Direction-Based
  • Story-Driven
  • Cutting-Edge Gear
  • Quality Assurance
  • Client Focused
  • Filmmaking Background
  • Lighting Experts

Our Clients

Our Founders

Jeremy Schmidt

Co-owner and creative Director at Edge of Cinema, Jeremy’s passion for storytelling started with Legos and home movies. Jeremy’s earliest film dates back to the third grade, when he created a Lego stop-motion animation of the Titanic for a school project. At the age of 16, Jeremy began working professionally for video production companies in the Philadelphia area. Since then, Jeremy earned a B.S. in film production, started Edge of Cinema with Matt, and has been creating brand films and documentaries for non-profits for over 10 years.

I’m blessed to be able to do what I love every day, and I get to help others grow their businesses and communicate their messages with the world in the process. It’s quite a privilege!

Matt Scura

Co-owner and creative Director at Edge of Cinema, Matt’s passion for storytelling started with action figures and comic books. The medium changed with the digital revolution, and when he and Jeremy Schmidt bought a video camera in middle school, they unknowingly started a decades-long partnership.

With a sharp eye for composition, lighting and direction, Matt brings a passion to every one of Edge of Cinema’s campaigns.

“We want every video we produce to be our masterpiece. Our team works hard to ensure our clients not only have the videos they want, but a story that will generate action and engagement.”

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