AI Video Production Company

AI Video Production Company

Looking for an AI Video Production Company?

AI Video generation has got everyone’s attention. And while the world awates the release of sora, open AI’s ai video generator, there are many other ai tools that can help with the video generation process that we can keep an eye on or start using now!

AI Video Generation

Open AI’s Sora

Open AI released their teaser clips that were generated with sora that absolutly stunned the world.  The videos look very realistic, and live up to the high expectations that people have come to associate with open AI products.  Just take a look through some of the sample footage on their website to see what I mean. Its almost It’s hard to believe that its all AI generated.

But when will it be released to the public?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  They seem to be taking their time, not concerned about being the first to release their platform, but wanting to secure their position as the best.

Other Video Generation Software

Using Runway, We’ve been able to successfully generate video using AI! So far we’ve tested two methods of generation.  In the first, I started with a still screen shot from a serious news cast.  Then I wrote a text prompt: “News castors laugh at funny headline”.  The AI took the starting frame and added video to it, making the two news castors turn to each other smile and laugh. It was a little sloppy, but definitely not bad, and I can imagine some practical uses for generating video out of existing photos.

Then I generated another clip from scratch. Prompt: “Colorful lifesaver candy kaleidoscope”. We got a clip of what looks like a bunch of colorful jelly beans. Not all the beans are perfect but again, looking pretty good for a video generated in seconds.

AI has an easier time creating objects and cartoon images then photo realistic humans.  AI often struggles in capturing faces and hands and can sometimes generate some strange results, but it’s getting beter with time.  I’ve also asked for a number of video production related images and find that it struggles with the engineering of cameras and other pieces of technical equipment, sometimes creating Frankenstein like cameras and lights that make no sense upon close inspection.

AI Avatars

AI Generated Avitar Videos.

By now you’ve probably seen ai avatars starting to tackle some of the more monotonous video production tasks.  A few names stand out in the AI avatar video world such as synthesiaSynthesia allows you to take a script and upload it to be voiced and “Acted out” by a virtual avatar.  You can even turn yourself into an avatar. While it’s still a bit stiff looking, it can be a solution when a slightly less then human host will do.

The question I found myself asking though is, in what scenario is an obviously AI avatar speaking to me on screen going to be a value add in a video?  I see this as a necessary step in AI development, but not yet super useful.

I think back to the days of the N64 game system when the graphics were impressive for their time, but definitely did not look realistic.  This was a huge leap forward in graphics, and got us to where we are today, but no one was tricked into thinking what they were seeing were real human images.  Once we hit the point where the avatars are indistinguishable from real humans, the value will be greatly increased.

On the other hand, avatars that are not trying to be totally realistic could still deliver an emotional connection with the viewer.  We know that people connect with cartoons and the Disney & Pixar characters, so using fictional characters as your avatar host could certainly provide value.

AI video creation

AI Video Creation

I was able to create an AI video Using stock footage from the internet using a site called  With a short prompt, stunn wrote a script, and then matched it with stock footage from the internet.  It wasn’t an award winning video, but the speed was definitely impressive and I could immagine if you took a little more time writing the script, you could find some useful applications for this software that would save you time and money.

AI Music Generation

AI Music Generation

AI Generated Music is definatly impressive.  Using You can use AI to generate songs, compleat with lyrics, choruses verses, singers. With a short text prompt I was able to whip up songs in the style of Blink 182 and Dua Lipa, instrumentals, or with lyrics about specific topics.

AI video editing

AI Video Editing.

Now you can use AI tools to help you edit your video content.  One of the best examples of this we have seen so far is a tool called OpusClip.  this tool has been very useful in the generation of short clips to be used as reels on YouTube Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. Especially for the podcast world. If you have an hour long video of your podcast, just upload your long form video file and Opus Clip will create 10 clips, with auto captions, re-framed for vertical video.  Definitely helpful for speeding up your workflow for social media content.

Need an AI Video Production Company?

There are tons of AI tools available right now to help reduce the cost and increase the speed of your video production workflow.

If your looking for an AI video production company to help you generate content, Edge of Cinema Can help.  We specialize in creating digital media content for businesses, using the best technology for the job, weather thats the latest AI tool, or a good old fashioned DSLR camera and mic.  Contact us today and we’ll take care of content creation for you!