Free Marketing Videos for Struggling Pennsylvania Businesses

No Business Left Behind

To assist Pennsylvania business owners who are suffering under the pandemic shut downs, Edge of Cinema has created a 100% free marketing initiative to help keep local businesses running. We’ve collected applications from Pennsylvania business owners, and are now in the processes of selecting ten businesses to receive a free 30-second promotional video.

Each 30-second video can be used for marketing, public service announcements, or sharing how their business is serving the community through this global pandemic. Edge of Cinema will work remotely through scripting, editing, and all the way to marketing the videos to targeted audiences.

Applications for Edge of Cinema’s marketing initiative are, but check in May 1st to see our ten chosen businesses. Together, we can make a difference in our community.





How it Works

Edge of Cinema’s marketing initiative will accept applications until April 26th, and the chosen businesses will be notified of their acceptance by May 1st. This is not a contest, and applicants will be chosen solely at the discretion of Edge of Cinema LLC.

Edge of Cinema’s goal is to support local businesses who are struggling through this global pandemic. There will be no cost to the chosen businesses. If you know someone who is in need of marketing, please share our marketing initiative.

Initiative guidelines and Disclosure:

This initiative is not a contest. The chosen applicants, decided at the sole discretion of Edge of Cinema LLC, must adhere to the following guidelines: applicant’s business must be in operation, headquartered, and registered in the state of Pennsylvania before January, 2020; applicant’s business must provide a necessary service or economic advancement to the community; applicant’s business must not produce pornographic content, promote violence and gambling, or endanger society; applicant’s business must not use the 30-second video to suggest or encourage human interaction during state and federal mandated social distancing dates; applicant may be asked to prove a loss of income due to the state and federally mandated business closures; applicant’s business may be asked to provide written confirmation of their registration with the state of Pennsylvania.

Edge of Cinema retains the right to decline applicants if they do not fall within the approved guidelines; Edge of Cinema retains the right to refuse service to a selected applicant who shows ill intent with their promotional video; all final video messaging must be approved by Edge of Cinema in advance of production and distribution; Edge of Cinema retains the right to shut down the Marketing Initiative at any time; Edge of Cinema makes no guarantees on financial returns of the videos; each approved applicant will be responsible for managing their video campaign after it’s launched; by applying for the Edge of Cinema Marketing Initiative, you will be opted into receiving email updates on the initiative, the state and local mandated actions, and initiative milestones.