Emotionally engaging your prospects, clients, and employees through storytelling

StoryEvolution is Edge of Cinema’s strategic framework for developing effective media and digital marketing campaigns. Through crafted messaging, consistent branding, market research, and killer creative direction, StoryEvolution is your secret weapon to producing content that drives your target audience to action.

1: Consultation & Discovery

In a collaborative discussion, we explore your goals and vision for the project to identify your unique needs.

2: Creative Planning & Market Research

Bringing your goals and needs into action, we’ll craft the story for your campaign’s messaging, while also identifying your target audience and how best to meet them on an emotional level.

3: Production & Design

Following the creative strategy, we’ll produce the content for your campaign, working closely with your team to ensure all final creative assets align with your vision.

4: Media Launch & Analytics

Whether we’re launching a global campaign across multiple distribution platforms, or we’re simply handing media off to your team, we’ll equip you with tools to track engagement and maximize performance.

The power behind StoryEvolution

Veteran Creatives

Our creative directors share decades of industry experience across video production, website development, graphic design, and digital marketing, offering you unparalleled creative support in all areas of media creation.

Solution-Based Content

Our team drills down to your core marketing challenges to create solutions that help you conquer them.

Tailored to Your Budget

Whether you’re a large, medium or small business, we produce dynamic media that scales to fit your marketing budget.

Rapid Response

Your timeline is our priority, and our team will work with you to develop a production schedule that ensures your content is delivered on time.

Financial Accountability

Using your key performance indicators, our team will track your campaign and make adjustments to ensure a maximized return on your investment.

Long-Term Collaboration

Our team serves as an extension of your marketing department, following your direction to produce consistent media across multiple campaigns.

Ready to evolve your storytelling?

StoryEvolution Business Tools

StoryEvolution leverages a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge business tools to overcome any marketing challenge