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We hope 2018 has been a great year for you so far! We just wanted to give you an update on our business, and offer you a little discount on our services!  Hope we can work together this year!

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What we have been up to…

1. Awesome New Gear

We stay on top of the current film-making technology so we can bring it to you and your business.  Now we are fully licensed drone pilots using amazing smart drones from DJI. Our newest cameras bring you 4k resolution, 120 frames per second for crystal clear slow motion and over 14 stops of dynamic range for a truly cinematic look!

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2. Film Festival Winner

We help missionaries around the world by creating documentaries for them to generate awareness and help raise funds. This documentary recently won an award.  Its the story of how God worked in the life of a Philadelphia Boxer and is changing Kensington from the inside out.  Another project last year took us into the heart of Pakistan!

3. Comcast Spotlight Preferred Vendors

We’ve been able to become preferred vendors with Comcast Spotlight and have made dozens of commercials for live TV and digital streaming networks.  Check out our latest Demo Reel!

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