Practical Garden Ponds:

A YouTube Case Study

Whether you’re an iMovie amateur or a video marketing pro, launching a YouTube campaign can be intimidating. However, studying past campaigns can show us the do’s and don’ts of YouTube marketing and put some of your fears to rest.

So let’s jump into how our campaign for Practical Garden Ponds increased their YouTube watch time and views by looking at the campaign goals, practices, and results.

Goal – More YouTube Channel Views

Nate from Practical Garden Ponds asked Edge of Cinema to create a 9 part YouTube series with the goal of increasing YouTube Channel views and watch time.  Nate’s YouTube Chanel had been drawing attention from pond enthusiasts around the country and drawing sales into his pond supply business as his local pond building business.

In an organic campaign, quality content is one of the largest drivers of views. Therefore, the series would follow the creation of Nate’s “Dream Pond”, an ideal pond layout he was building in his own back yard.

We scripted and planned each episode and moved to the production phase.


Over a months time, we collected interviews and b-roll during various stages of the pond construction.  Nate explained each step of the build process as well as each component used and best practices. This stage is where we needed to capture all the compelling visuals and audio that our audience would love.


We wanted to make these videos light and entertaining, so we created a hand drawn mascot who became known as “Cartoon Nate”.  These drawings added excitement to the YouTube thumbnails, catching more attention then a basic frame from the video.  Creating engaging thumbnails is one of the easiest ways to optimize your click through rate on youtube, which is an important factor YouTube’s video SEO algorithm.  (For more info about optimizing YouTube videos, check out this helpful video by SEO expert Brian Dean.)

Finished Work

After editing, we uploaded the videos to YouTube making sure to pack the video description and tags with frequently searched key words.  We used YouTube’s end Cards to sugest the next video in the series, helping viewers go from one video to the next.  We also created a YouTube playlist of all the videos together that could easily be shared by the company. Feel free to check out the series below!

End Results

After the finishing the campaign, we launched on YouTube and waited 3 months to see our results.

At the end of 3 months we measured an 822% increase in watch time, 944% increase in views, and a 483% increase in new subscribers.

The campaign continues to do well today attracting new viewers, comments, and likes to Nate’s channel.

As you can see, if you want to organically increase your views and watch time on YouTube, interesting content paired with an optimizing strategy is the way to go. Producing content that aligns with your audiences interests can boost your reach immensely, but you have to go the extra mile and optimize for YouTube. Do some keyword research, add in tailored titles, descriptions, and thumbnails, and you will have a successful YouTube campaign waiting to happen!

This is just one way to effectively use video, but <href=”https:”” testimonials=”” “=””>our clients have experienced sucess using lots of different techniques.  Research your options, or talk to one of our producers, and find out what will work best for you!