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First Resource Bank

Katie Martin – Marketing Director

“We hadn’t really done this before, so we weren’t sure exactly what to expect, and it was really nice to have Edge of Cinema’s help, not only in creating the video, but showing me where I could use it in different forums to really gain the most exposure.”

Video Testimonials

Rock Ministries

Buddy Osborn – Ministry Leader

“During the filming, Matt and Jeremy were efficient, prepared, and creative. Our whole staff loved working with them. We’ve actually kept in touch with them long after our film was done just because they’ve become part of our ministry’s family!” – Craig Cerrito, assistant pastor of Rock Ministries

Anne Townes Real Estate

Anne Townes – Realitor

“We met Jeremy and Matt from Edge of Cinema as we decided to make a commercial. They spoke with us, asked pertinent questions and really delved into learning about how our business runs. By taking the time they were able to craft a great script for our first commercial. We did not let anyone know our new and innovative marketing idea. Today we heard from, not one, but three former clients that expressed such enthusiasm for the commercial. CANT WAIT FOR OUR NEXT COMMERCIAL. GO EDGE OF CINEMA!”

Anne Townes Real Estate Video Testimonial
PeaceMaker Center Video Testimonial

The Peacemaker Center

Judy Reid – Executive Director

Judy Reid is the CEO of the PeaceMaker Center, a faith-based counseling center in Chester County, PA. Hear what Judy has to say about working with Edge of Cinema!

Horse Heiro

Dr. Frank Riley – Veterinarian

“Edge of Cinema did a great job on 2 of our online products—so good, that we hired them again for a third product. Our sales increased due to people loved the promotional videos. They took their time to get the right images and came up with the scripts to best tell the story about all our natural supplements. I was nervous about being on camera, but they helped me tremendously and the results were impressive. They were quick in getting the final products to us and their production invoice to me was fair and accurate. I will go back to them again in 2018!!”

Horse Heiro Video Testimonial
PALCS Video Testimonial

PA Leadership Charter School

Dr. Heidi Gough – Marketing Director

“We used Edge of Cinema to help with some creative ad’s that were needed for our media buys. They were excellent! From start to finish I felt informed, a part of the process and heard. As a school, it is hard to convey our message in a way that doesn’t sound like a sales pitch, and Edge of Cinema narrated our thoughts perfectly. They also worked with non-actors, real families who use our program and this included younger children, the level of professionalism was always there, even if the children need a little extra direction. The end product was professional, every interaction was seamless, and I will certainly be using this company again in the future. Excellent.”

Element Group, LLC

Dave Rivell – Partner

“Video was an important part of our communication strategy with our clients.  We found ourselves telling a similar story a lot of times, so we felt that video would be a concise way to get that down one time, and then be able to share that several times with our clients, prospects, or whomever we might be speaking with throughout the day or the week. Brand recognition has absolutely increased for us through this video series. In the last week alone we’ve probably gained three new clients from that, and in the last two months since it’s been up, probably about nine new clients. I have recommended Edge of Cinema in the past and I will continue to do so in the future.”

Element Risk Management Video Production Testimonial


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Video Marketing Case Study – Buselli Solutions

Campaign Goal: Generate New Leads


The Problem

Buselli Solutions offers solar and energy products to residential homeowners, but their lack of web presence was failing to generate new customers, and their current website wasn’t converting leads into sales or consultations.


The Solution

Edge of Cinema designed a fresh, responsive website with unique video production content. To drive traffic to the new website, we created a targeted PPC ad campaign. In the first four months of advertising, Buselli Solutions saw a 1,714.88% return on investment.


Video Production Case Study

You can utilize video testimonials, too!

Video testimonials are a powerful tool to establish trust with your audience, and anyone can take advantage of them. Testimonial videos not only serve as proof of past success, they take it a step further by showing real people and their experiences with the product or service, creating a more personal and emotional connection with the viewer.

Here are some ways you can utilize video testimonials to boost your sales and brand image:

  1. Build Trust: Video testimonials build trust with potential customers by showing them real people with real experiences. To put it simply, they prove your business is reliable and trustworthy, and also delivers on its promises.
  2. Increase Conversions: Video testimonials showcase the benefits and results of your products or services from the customer’s point of view, which will always be more persuasive than a business promoting itself.
  3. Showcase Product Benefits: Video testimonials allow businesses to highlight the benefits of their products or services. You direct the interview, and you can have your clients highlight key pain points some of your prospects might commonly face. By showcasing how the product or service solved a problem or improved the customer’s life, your testimonial video can create an emotional connection with potential customers.
  4. Shareable Content: Video testimonials also serve as shareable content that can be easily distributed across social media platforms, email, or on your website. They can be used to attract new customers, build brand awareness, and promote the business’s reputation. Your clients may also be willing to share their video testimonal on their own channels, helping your each a wider audience.
  5. Enhance SEO: Video testimonials can help enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by increasing the time spent on your website and reducing the bounce rate. Search engines consider these factors as signals of website quality and relevance, which can help improve your search engine rankings.

Video testimonials are an effective way for businesses to showcase their products or services and build trust with potential customers. They provide an authentic and persuasive message that can increase conversions, showcase product benefits, and create shareable content that enhances SEO. By utilizing video testimonials, businesses can improve their sales and brand image, which can lead to long-term success.