Our Favorite Videos of 2021

As we wrap up the final weeks of 2021, we wanted to look back and share five of our favorite videos we created this year.

Ambient Weather – Chef

This commercial was part of a series of commercials for Ambient Weather’s home weather system. Finding the perfect location and actress for the script really made the piece come together. Highlights – location, production value, and cinematography. Learn more about their stations at AmbientWeather.com

Basement Gurus – The Mold Man

This piece gave us a lot of creative and comedic freedom to play with, which is why it was one of our favorite videos to create this year. Make sure the Mold Man isn’t haunting your house in 2022! Visit BasementWaterProofingGurus.com to learn more about their service.

Appetites on Main – Late Night Dining

Filming delicious food provides a feast for the eyes. Highlighting appetizing dishes while supporting local restaurants puts this spot into one of our favorites for the year. To check out their menu, go to AppetitesonMain.com.

Child and Family Focus – Foster Care Programs

This spot allowed us to lean into the emotional aspects of the work that Child and Family Focus does every day while promoting a good cause, earning a top spot in our favorites. Learn about their programs at ChildandFamilyFocus.org

Forcine Concrete & Construction Company – Let’s Build Something

Forcine Concrete wanted to commemorate the work their builders do through this commercial that aired on the Discovery Channel. Highlighting the large scale projects Forcine works on made for a favorite this year. Learn more at ForcineConcrete.com

Thank you to all of our clients for trusting us to represent your company in 2021! We’re more excited then ever to jump into what 2022 has in store. To see more of our work, check out our portfolio.

If you like what you saw and are interested in a commercial of your own, we’d love to chat. E-mail us at edgeofcinema@gmail.com or call 484-887-8797 to schedule a free consultation today.