The Real Reason

Video Campaigns Work

If you had one chance to make an impression on your audience:

  • You would develop the perfect message
  • Deliver it at exactly the right time – to a perfectly defined target market
  • Have your price point dialed in and your value proposition front and center

But what if you’re not speaking the right language?

All of your hard work would be for nothing.

The business world is speaking a new language – video.

there are some people who use it occasionally, and some who use it almost exclusively.

You can search videos, you can share them, you can learn faster with them, and they’re more effective at delivering human emotions than any other medium.

Video is more effective at delivering human emotions than any other medium.

Each of us at our core is a human being who uses voices, facial expressions, and emotions to communicate. When you use a well designed video to convey your message, you’re speaking the primary language of your audience.

Emotion, paired with clear messaging and a strong value proposition, is what drives results.

Why should businesses use video?

Once you become a video marketing boss, you can unlock all of the benefits


  1. Communicate with a new market that consumes information almost exclusively through video.
  2. Design campaigns that can be found in the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube.
  3. Gain a strategic advantage in your social media game by using video posts that are more viewed, shared, and liked than any other type of post.
  4. Increase the conversion ratio on your landing pages by using video. Landing pages with video typically convert 86% higher than pages without video.
  5. Turn everyday emails into chance for people get to know, like, and trust you by including video in your signature.
  6. Turn customer testimonials and case studies into engaging pieces of content that deliver a positive emotional connection with your brand.
  7. Run commercials on TV, the internet, and streaming devices.
  8. Upgrade your in-person presentations, making them more engaging and effective.

How to become a “Video Marketing Boss”

We advise our clients to follow simple guidelines when getting started with video. Our checklist puts emphasis on building your sales videos first, then branching out to your marketing videos. Sales videos are designed to improve your conversion ratio, while marketing videos are focused on increasing your exposure.

  1. Make a brand commercial and put it on your home page. This video should introduce your brand, expose the problem that you provide the solution to, show the solution, show your brand authority, and give a call to action.
  2. List out all your unique products and services that customers value.
  3. Make a video for each unique product or service you offer.
  4. Make a list of all of your target markets, and where you can access them.
  5. Create video marketing campaigns for each of your individual target markets.
  6. Drive traffic to your videos using all applicable marketing tactics.
  7. Measure the results.

Once you’ve done these steps you will be a video marketing boss capable of tackling any project.

If you get stuck at any point in the process Edge of Cinema is here to help.

Emotionally ENGAGE your audience


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