Do Google Ads Work?

Do Google Ads Work?

It’s no secret, Google makes 80% of its money from advertisements. Advertising is the main service that Google was created to offer. The free internet search feature is simply the bait that draws in people who make trillions of searches each year through Google’s platforms. Google provides a huge market, and give you options to target your audience based on the keywords and phrases they are searching, so you know your ads are delivered to the right people at the right time.

And with Google Ads, you have the ability to skip to the top of the Google Search results.  But do Google Ads really work for your business? Now, there’s no one size fits all marketing solution that works for every business, but for most businesses, it pays to have a well optimized, fine tuned Google Ads campaign.

However, it’s important to have knowledge of the platform before you jump in to your own campaign! Google offers “Smart campaigns” to those who are unfamiliar with the platform, but this can often lead to marketing dollars being spent in ways that are not ideal for your business. It’s best to do your research, or work with a professional team to understand the options and opportunities Google Ads provides before diving in.

Here are some of the results our campaigns were able to achieve for our clients.

Client 1

Website Development & Google Ads Campaign


A&R Iron Works wanted to drive traffic to their website through google ads, so they set up a Google Ads account internally. Unfortunately, the money they were spending on ads was not converting enough sales. They contacted us and asked our opinion.  They already had an idea of what the solution would need to be, they just needed a partner to help them execute it.


Upon reviewing their website and Google Ads campaign, we noticed that their website was out of date, and difficult to navigate, reducing the number of conversions, once visitors landed on their site.


Old Website:

Their Google Ads account consisted of a single campaign which contained all their services. The ad copy of their ad was general so that it could cover the wide range of services offered, from structural steel, to hand railings for residential homes, and everything in between. The ad budget was often consumed by searches for services and products that were not their primary focus, and were less lucrative than their primary products.



We updated their entire website with a modern design, and re-organized the content to place focus on the primary product & service they wanted to sell. Then we re-organized their Google Ads campaign, dividing the separate products and services into separate campaigns and ad groups. We created multiple ads, one for each individual product or service, so that the ad copy was specific to each service or product offered. We also divided their click budget into two categories, one budget was reserved for their primary service, and the other encompassed all the additional but less lucrative services offered.


End Result:

The improved ad copy, budget organization, and website design & functionality improved the conversion ratio of leads coming to the website through their Google Ads campaign.  The campaign was so successful, they decided to increase their investment in Google Ads shortly after launch.

Each month we report statistics and interpret data in our reports and make optimizations as needed to their Google Ads campaign to keep them ahead of their competition.

Over the past two years the campaign delivered over 30.8 thousand clicks with a 8.5% conversion rate (that’s 1,309 conversions per year), averaging $12.29 cost per conversion. This was an 83.21% reduction in cost per conversion! That paired with a higher click quantity, and conversion rate, means A&R is getting more qualified leads, more reliably and more affordably.



Final Website:

So do Google Ads work?

Answer: Yes, when they’re designed well!

As you can see in A&R’s case study a poorly designed campaign could drag uninterested customers to an unattractive landing page, and ultimately result in stray clicks that drain your marketing budget. However, Google Ads when used tactfully provides an amazing tool for your sales funnel. The key is to understand what your goals and market are and design your campaigns and ads around your services and sales process in a thoughtful and researched way. We were able to help A&R do exactly that!

If you have any questions about Google Ads or would like to speak to an expert about how to create a more effective campaign, feel free to call us or email