Do Google Ads Work?

Do Google Ads Really Work?

Edge of Cinema’s goal is to create video-based, digital marketing campaigns that generate leads, convert sales, and increase brand awareness. In this case-study, I want to take you through a campaign that used google ads to deliver serious results. Our client reported back to us with an amazing 13 X return on investment in the first 4 months.

Client – Buselli Solutions

Website Development, Google Business Account & Google Ads Campaign


Buselli Solutions is a local contracting company that focuses on heating, cooling, plumbing and electric since 1984. In recent years, Blair Buselli took over the company for his father and has adapted the business to now focus on solar installation, generators and HVAC.

Blair contacted us because he wanted to update his website to reflect the shift in the company’s direction, and also to update the look and feel of the site. He also wanted to take advantage of Google Ads to bring in warm leads who were interested in his services.


When we examined Blair’s existing website, we knew we could help him with not only the look and feel of his site, but also the messaging, and the functionality of the site itself.

The old site was not responsive, meaning it would not resize itself based on the size of your browser window. This can damage the user experience on mobile phones, tablets or laptops, and will penalize the rankings of the website.

Plus, the website did not have an SSL certificate, which meant that the website was more vulnerable to hackers trying to steal information. Without an SSL, users see an unsecured icon, and may receive a warning that the website is not safe. This is a simple fix, but leaving it unchecked can kill your credibility and cost you business.

Old Website:


We came up with four solutions to help Blair achieve his business goals.

#1 We updated his website from a static site to a responsive wordpress site. We installed an SSL certificate, and gave his site a fresh, modern design. We centered messaging around the top 3 services he wanted to sell: solar, generators, and ductless mini splits. The website now functions as a lead generator, with a prominent call to action which leads to a contact form. All new leads are organized in a Google Sheets document. Each time a new lead comes through the site, Blair receives an email so he knows to reach out right away.

#2. It’s proven that using video on landing pages increases the conversion rate by over 80%, so we designed a video that explains his service to be used on the home page. Video is often the most preferred way for website visitors to learn about a business, so it made sense to utilize this valuable tool in a prominent position on the site to help increase conversions.

#3. Next, we optimized his Google My Business profile. Google My Business is a free profile available to all business owners, but it is so important to get it done right because of the effect it has on your local SEO on Google. The vast majority of internet search traffic takes place on Google, so if you’re hoping to connect with customers in your local area, Google My Business is a must. We handled coordination with Google directly to overcome all the unique obstacles that came up during the verification process. Now, a Google search for solar contractors in Beach Lake, PA returns with results for Buselli Solutions right at the top of the page.

#4 Finally, we launched a Google Ads campaign that drove traffic straight to Blair’s website. Using targeted keywords, and key phrases that are historically searched, we optimized his bidding strategy to get the maximum amount of clicks for his budget. And then watched the clicks start rolling in. As the campaign was running, we closely monitored the analytics, removing keywords and searches that didn’t fit Blair’s target customer, and we refined the targeted geographic location to meet his needs.

End Result:

We followed up with Blair after the campaign had been running for 4 months to see what kind of results he was seeing.

In 4 months, he received over 94k impressions, and over 3,000 clicks. From those 3,000 clicks, over 70 new leads filled out his contact form.

Across all his services, Blair estimated his average conversion ratio for the new leads was around 25%, and his average sale price was about $12,700. Calculating only the leads that came through the digital marketing campaign in those four months, he estimated revenue of around $222,250. This came exclusively through a digital marketing campaign that cost him less than $15,000.

Even with half the conversion ratio or even a quarter, about 6%, that would still give him a 300% return on investment in the first 4 months.

Blair’s campaign launched at the right time, with a quality product and service, and that enabled him to seize the opportunity and penetrate his market. Unlike traditional search engine optimization, the beauty of Google Ad campaigns is you can launch and campaign and appear on page one of Google immediately.

If you’re interested in setting up a video-based digital marketing strategy, contact our team today and let us help you reach the next level with digital marketing.

Campaign Performance over last 3 year:

(Feb 2021 – March 2024)

Over the past 3 years we drove nearly 30 thousand visitors to his website at an average cost of $1.23 per click.

Final Website:

Website Development

So do Google Ads work?

Answer: Yes, for Buselli solutions they worked very well!

Before we launched this campaign, Buselli Solutions website was not an active part of their marketing strategy, meaning it was not a source of new leads to the company.  After our campaign, people were able to find them online, learn about their services through the website and contact them quickly and easily.

If you have any questions about Google Ads or would like to speak to an expert about how to create a more effective campaign, feel free to call us or email