Do Google Ads Work?

Do Google Ads Really Work?

Google offers so many amazing marketing tools, and Google Ads is definitely one of my favorites but you have to be careful when you are setting things up. Time and time again we see businesses who have invested thousands into a google “Smart” campaign only to realize that it was not a smart move. If you’re going to be smart about google ads, you have to have a clear understanding of how each one of their products works, and what your specific goals are for your campaign. Then you can reap the amazing benefits of a well designed digital ad campaign.

Client – Hasbrouck Pool & Spa

Website Development, Google Ads Campaign & E-commerce Store


When Hasbrouck pool and spa contacted us they already knew they needed new websites. Not just one, but 3 websites for their 3 branches of their company. The websites were designed using the Go-Daddy platform, but were not very beautiful, and were difficult to navigate.

They had already been running a Google Ads campaign for a few years. When they first started with Google Ads, they allocated a very small budget. Only a $550 in the first year. But they were not seeing any leads or conversions from the website.

So they upped their budget to get more clicks. At the time they came to us they were spending about $900 per month, but still despite getting 1.7 thousand clicks per month, they were getting no leads or sales through their website.


Upon reviewing their websites and google ads campaign, we noticed that their website was out of date, and difficult to navigate. It did not reflect the quality of work that Hasbrouck pool and spa had become known and loved for by their clients.

The Google Ads campaign was a “Smart” campaign, and it was delivering thousands of clicks at a relatively low cost per click, but upon closer inspection, most of these clicks were not coming from people searching for them on google. 85% of their clicks were coming from people browsing YouTube.

Problem: 85% of clicks were coming from YouTube

YouTube clicks can be great for a brand awareness campaign, but when your goal is to sell your service and get a return on your investment, you want to connect with people actively searching for your service, not passively browsing videos. Because of this, clicks coming from google search are worth significantly more than clicks from YouTube, because the person searching for your service is much more likely to buy.


We came up with three solutions to help Blair achieve his business goals.

#1 We created 3 new responsive websites, one for their pool service company, one for their pool supply store, and one for their non-profit educational group.

#2. We re-designed their google ads campaigns. For the pool service company, we focused all of their click budget on a “Google Search” campaign, not YouTube. We created multiple ad groups and ads, each targeting a specific service they offer, for example; Pool Openings, Custom Pool Covers, Pool Maintenance, Pool Repair.

#3. For their pool supply store, created an ecommerce website that sells their most popular products. Then we split their budget between google search, and a google products campaign, that way whether you are searching for a pool store, or a specific product they sell, they are able to be found.

End Result:

The improved websites and re-focus of the ad budget onto google search and google product campaigns had an overwhelmingly positive effect on leads and conversions through the website. So much so, that they decided to double down on their ads budget for the next season.

Decided to double budget after seeing improved results from Google Ads campaign:

Final Websites:

So do Google Ads work?

Answer: Yes, when they are set up properly.

Hasbrouck Pool and Spa were not seeing any leads or conversions using the Smart Campaign that they set up previously, even after they spent more on ads, but when we switched them to a custom designed ad campaign using Google Search and Google Products, they were so pleased with the results that they doubled down on their ads budget.

If you have any questions about Google Ads or would like to speak to an expert about how to create a more effective campaign, feel free to call us or email